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An announcement list for blind entrepreneurs to promote their own businesses, and offer deels to subscribers.
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Home Workers

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The HOME-WORKERS list was created to promote discussion between those who already have, or who may be interested in, starting a small business. The focus of HOME-WORKERS will include, but not be limited to, issues pertaining to small business entreprenuership by the blind and disabled, so any equipment, resources, business ideas, etc. which assist the blind or disabled entreprenuer will be entertained on HOME-WORKERS. HOME-WORKERS is intended as a means of enabling people to meet, network, and--hopefully--form long and lasting business relationships.
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Blind Business Association

Blind Business Association Limited (BBA) has published its first issue of
theBBA Newsletter for more than two years.  The return of this quarterly
publication marks another milestone in the resurgence of BBA as a major
force, supporting people who are visually impaired and in self-employment.

Tony Scott has returned as Editor of the BBA Newsletter.  Tony has produced
a varied and interesting publication that contains something of interest to

The BBA Newsletter is available in standard print, braille, on audio
cassette, by email and on the BBA web site.  Web and email publications
represent new departures for BBA, offering greater independent access for
the increasing number of people who are visually impaired and who use
computer systems.

To read the BBA Newsletter online, please go to The BBA web site
and follow the Newsletter link.

More information about the Blind Business Association is available on the
website, including membership application forms and a full Members'
Directory.  You may also contact BBA via Email BBA
or by voice mail and fax on 0870 831 9730.

Brendan Magill,
BBA President.
Brendan Magill Website


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