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Description Law.
ABLA is the discussion list of the American Blind Lawyers Association. It serves primarily as a conduit for the discussion of the assistive technology and other practice techniques used by blind and visually impaired attorneys to improve their practices.
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Blind Job

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Description Employment.
Employment Issues Concerning Blind People
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Computer Professionals with Low Viz

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Description Computer Professionals. .
Computer_Professionals_With_LowViz is an emailing list for people working as computer professionals who have low vision or are blind. Technical discussion on how we can best perform a highly technical and demanding job. What work-a-rounds have we discovered to help us get our jobs done? What adaptive hardware, and programmatic aids exist for Microsoft, or Sun, or other UNIX flavored equipment? How have we fared with employers and supervisors? Open to all computer system professionals working in the field (industry employees, government, ISPs). This includes techies, such as programmers; UNIX system administrators; NT administrators; Novell system administrators; engineers; webmasters; and HTML coders; etc.
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Computer Professionals with Low Viz Website




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Description Law.
Association of Blind Lawyers (NABL), a division of the National Federation of the Blind. The list serves at least two purposes. First, it is a place where individuals and organizations can ask legal questions. The list will be monitored by members of NABL and they hope to help people with matters connected to the law and blindness, such as ADA questions and the like. Secondly, the list is a vehicle for members of the National Association of Blind Lawyers to stay in contact with each other and other blind attorneys and individuals working in or interested in the legal field.
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Employment Blindness Issues

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Description Employment.
The purpose of this list is to share our experiences and express our concerns about employment for the blind and visually impaired. We will attempt to discuss and provide solutions towards resolving employment related issues concerning the blind and visually impaired communities.   Feel free to express your opinions and criticisms
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Employment Blindness Issues Website  



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Description Journalism.
NFB-BPJ is the first discussion list for blind journalists. It is an informal gathering place for people who want to ask questions and exchange ideas on how blind people succeed in journalism. Working journalists or those who expect to write on deadline for a living are welcome. The group will include writers employed at newspapers, magazines, TV, or public affairs departments. Students who wish to pursue a career in journalism and former journalists, who have become blind, and who wish to acquire effective alternative techniques for working in the highly-competitive arena of journalism, are also welcome. There will probably be little of interest on this list for poets or novelists. NFB-BPJ is an outgrowth of The Blind Professional Journalists Group, which was formed in July 1996, in Anaheim, California, during the National Federation of the Blind's annual convention. Among its founding members are students, reporters, editors and the former dean of the journalism department at Arizona State University. The expected topics of discussion include, but are not limited to: Technology that lets you manipulate information quickly and on deadline. Reportorial techniques specific to blindness, ranging from managing the interview to managing visual aspects of the story. Nuts-and-bolts solutions concerning transporation and techniques for working with reader/driver/assistants.Employment issues specific to blind professionals, from how to get hired to how to fund adaptive equipment. Ways of cracking informational barriers in order to keep you informed so you can do your job exceptionally well. NFB-BPJ may expand to include discussions far more diverse than these, but in order for the list to fulfill its purpose, it is important that subject matter be confined to those issues directly relating to journalism by the blind and to the techniques utilized by blind journalists.
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Description Jaws on the job.
JFW-Employment exists for the sole purpose of sharing information related to the use and configuration of the JAWS for Windows screen reader with customized workplace applications.

Since JFW-Employment is intended to be very task oriented, subscriptions are approved by the moderator. If you possess one of the following characteristics, your subscription request will be approved: 1. You are a JFW user. 2. You meet at least one of the following additional requirements: A. You are using JFW on the job. B. You consider yourself to be a power user of JFW. C. You are an access technology specialist or you are otherwise tasked with the challenge of implementing JFW in the workplace.

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JFW-Employment Website  



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Description Programming.
PROGRAM-L is a highly specialized emailing list, intended to serve as a conduit through which blind and visually impaired programmers can exchange ideas, strategies, and advice. The purpose of PROGRAM-L is. 1. to discuss the visual aspects of application design which may be a cause of concern to a developer with no useful vision. Examples of such concerns include: ergonomic yet aesthetically-pleasing screen layout, optimal control size, etc, to provide sound coding tips which would make life easier for a blind person, such as setting the focus to the first logical control on a form so that a screenreader will read its label (provided it has been properly positioned.) 3. to discuss and suggest effective and productive practices for the development lifecycle. 4. to provide hints and tips on how best to access the visual IDE with speech or Braille. (Example: in VB4, to go from one control on a form to another, bring up the properties of any control with F4, go to the top of the property listbox and single click on the graphic to the right of the listbox heading which will bring up a combo box from which you can make your selection. PROGRAM-L will be totally unmoderated unless it degenerates into vitriol and anarchy! You are, however, implored to become familiar with your mail reader so that: A. when appropriate (e.g. "I agree" comments), you can reply privately rather than to the list as a whole; B. you do not quote unnecessary and unwanted text from previous messages; C. you make your subject header relevant to what you are talking about. D. The format should be language/version followed by topic. For example, "VB4: USING THE DEBUG WINDOW"; and E. you must leave your personal screenreader agenda behind you! It should be obvious why the subject header format is important but just to spell it out, it will aid sorting and the reliable use of the delete key. Whilst it is expected that the majority of people will be using either VB, VC++, VJ++ or Delphi, the list is not restricted to only these, although any additional ones should have a strong visual content; ie it is not the purpose of the list to be interested in DOS-based environments. Although some of these rules may seem a little authoritarian, the aim is to keep the list in focus and usable, with the help, courtesy and foresight of its subscribers. So, if you have an interest in or are actively involved in GUI application development, please join and see what happens; even if you don't find it of use to yourself, you may be able to help someone else who is struggling to keep a job.
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Description Therapists.
This is a discussion list for visually impaired people who are either employed as alternative therapists, or are studying to become therapists. We would also welcome sighted therapists who might wish to join our discussions.
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viTherapists Website


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